The Texas Rice Improvement Association (TRIA) is a non-profit rice farmer/industry association which produces and processes high quality rice seed and supports research and extension programs to meet the needs of the Texas rice industry. TRIA was founded in 1941 for the purpose of multiplying seed of new rice varieties developed at what is now the /USDA-ARS at Beaumont. TRIA received its Texas State Charter in 1943. Seed rice was grown on leased land for several years and in 1946 TRIA purchased 606 acres of land east of what is now Aggie Drive. 

In 1946, TRIA deeded 25 acres to TAES for a headquarters area. In 1948 TRIA sold 307 acres to TAES for $100/acre. The Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (TAES) is a part of the Texas A&M University System. TRIA also deeded an additional 5 acres to TAES for a cattle barn and purchased 245 acres west of Aggie Drive. In 1949 the TAES Substation No. 4 was moved to its present location. An additional 70 acres was leased by TRIA for research purposes and in 1994 purchased 24 acres of the previously leased land. Of the approximately 900 acres of the Beaumont Research Center, TRIA currently owns 539 acres.

In addition to purchasing land, TRIA has built or equipped much of the facilities here at the Beaumont . Facilities include the original quality lab (now a field lab), the current quality lab and offices, two field labs, a cattle barn (now storage), seed drying and processing plant, a large equipment shed, and housing for the seedsman. TRIA in addition to furnishing facilities also provided equipment, services, and direct funding for research and extension activities.

Equipment Shed

Seed Barn

TRIA has been involved with the Eagle Lake research site established by the Texas Legislature in 1971. TRIA administered the western rice belt producer check off program from 1972 until 1984 when the Texas Rice Research Foundation (TRRF) and later the Texas Rice Producers Board (TRPB) were established for a statewide rice production check-off program. TRIA was deeded 10 acres and a 70 acre lease for the Eagle Lake research site. Leases were also made for research sites at Bay City, El Campo, Ganado, and Katy. In 1994, with TRRF's help, TRIA purchased the 70 acres of previously leased land as the Eagle Lake research site.

TRIA’s board is made up of rice farmers and industry representatives elected by the membership. Foundation rice seed sales have been the primary source of income. Because of the reduction in Texas rice acres, foundation seed sales have plummeted one half in the last 5 years. The TRIA Board feels the organization must diversify its income to remain a viable organization supporting the rice industry. TRIA is now conducting field size commercial trials and producing near foundation quality seed rice for specialty markets in addition to the traditional foundation seed. TRIA has the expertise, experience, and capability to produce a wide range of seed products and field evaluations of commercial products. TRIA will only enter into markets which do not compete with Texas seedsmen.

TRIA has provided land, facilities, equipment, services, and direct funding in support of research and extension programs amounting to over $20 million. TRIA remains committed to be a part of the Beaumont Research and Extension Center and to continue support to the Texas rice industry.

Storage bins wauger

Texas Rice Improvement Assoc. Board of Directors 2006/2007

President - Mike Doguet
Vice President - Jack Bauer
Secretary/Treasurer - Brenda Setliff
President Emeritus - Robert Bauer

Andy Anderson (Wharton)
Jack Bauer (Chambers)
Mike Doguet (Jefferson)
Raymond Franz (Ft. Bend)
Jacko Garrett (Brazoria)
Lee Hafernick (Jackson)
Fremont McDermand (Jefferson)
Cliff Mock (at large)
Dick Ottis (Wharton)
Raymond Rabius (Wharton)
Anthony Rachunek (Wharton)
Russell Raun (Wharton)
Director Emeritus
Bill Dishman Sr. (Jefferson)
Director Emeritus
Clodis Cox (Harris) Director Emeritus
Gary Skalicky (Jackson)
Larry Stelzel (Wharton)
Randy Waligura (Colorado)
Davis Waddell (Colorado)
Paul Korenek (Matagorda)

Executive Committee
Mike Doguet - Chairman
Jack Bauer
Raymond Franz
Raymond Rabius
Dick Ottis
Andy Anderson
Jacko Garrett
Ways, Means, Licensing & Contracts
Andy Anderson - Chairman
Fremont McDermand
Anthony Rachunker
Paul Korenek
Lee Hafernick
Larry Stelzel
Jack Bauer
Cliff Mock
John Griffin
Randy Waligura

Seed Rice Committee
Dick Ottis - Chairman
Clodis Cox
Jeff Beck
Jacko Garrett
Jim Pavlik
Davis Waddell
Raymond Franz
Gary Skalicky

Brenda Setliff  (409-752-2741 ext. 2230)