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Overview.  The web-based Rice Development Advisory provides users with advanced options for creating, running, and displaying multiple field growth forecasts for different rice varieties, planting/emergence dates, and counties. 

Interface Windows. The web interface window (see picture below) has three major parts:

  • The top part of the window displays links to the Texas A&M University Beaumont Research & Extension Center (Home, Research, Teaching, Extension, Outreach, Services, Personnel, and eLibrary). 
  • The left side of the window displays links to the major features of the Rice Development Advisory (About Rice Advisory, Login, Account Info, Variety Info, Field Profiles, Field Forecasts, County Forecasts , and Weather Data).
  • The remaining part of the window allows users to input, edit and view data or display results.

Features Access. A user can access features of the Rice Development Advisory by clicking a link on the left side bar and making appropriate selections.

New Account Creation.  To create a new account, click the “New Account” link, fill in the appropriate information, and “Submit” the data.

Field Profile Creation. A field profile is a collection of production and weather data needed to forecast rice plant growth stages.  Production data include rice variety, planting date, 10% emergence date, and 90% emergence date. Weather data include weather station and year or historic average for the station.

A user can create a field profile by clicking the “Add” button under “Field Profiles” on the left side bar and making the appropriate selection for the production and weather data.

Only users who have an account with the program can save the profile and view/edit/delete existing profiles.  A field profile is owned by a specific user and is accessible only by that specific user.

Also only registered users can add/edit/view their own weather data.  For more details please read the program documentation.