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What is the Weed Identification Program?

Weed Identification (WeedID) program is aimed to help the users to identify the weeds that are common in rice fields. The program has over 200 weed images to display the user throughout the program. WeedID offers two separate ways to help:  The first option, "Identification", will help the user to identify a weed by making choices through certain weed characteristics. If the user is not familiar with the terms to characterize, he/she can display associated images while making decisions.  The second option, "Description", offers to display images of seedling, seeds, mature plant, flowers, fruit etc., associated with a weed, if the weed name is already known by the user.

Operating System Windows 95/NT
Domain Experts Lloyd T. Wilson and Guowei Wu
Programmer Suna Bozkurt
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Weed Identification program does not need specific input from the user.  Instead user is asked to make selections within menus to identify the weed.  The first section of the program which actually helps the user to identify a weed, displays a tree control structured menu. The purpose of this structure is to help the user to remember the decision pattern he/she followed, and easily check all other options and display associated pictures.

The following is a sample screen, which indicates that the user's weed is above the water, leaf is present and leaves are simple narrow shaped.

Selection making screen to identify the weed

If the user is not very sure about the shape of the leaf, he/she can double click on "Narrow Leaf Shape" option to see the helping image.  The following is displayed after this action.

Help screen for leaf shape

If the user already knows the weed name, the second section of the program can provide pictures of seedling, flowers, fruits etc., or brief information for this particular weed.  Because of having different characteristics, some weeds have more pictures to display than the others.   The user needs to select the "Description" item from the main menu to reach the following screen in order to select any weed.

Weed Description Selection Menu

When any weed name is double clicked, the program brings up a menu of available picture options.  The following screen displays the help options, if Hemp Sesbania is selected.

Characteristics Selection Menu

Displaying any desired picture requires a double click on the menu above. The following screen captures display the picture of Hemp Sesbania flower and general information for the weed.

Help screen for the selected characteristic
Information help



Download Weed Identification


Weed Identification program uses over 200 images to provide help for the users.  These  images are integrated with the installation program which add to the setup file size tremendously.  If you have a safe connection, you may choose to download the single file called "".   Otherwise, we recommend you to download the ten smaller sized files.  This reduces the risk of losing the entire program, in case you encounter sudden internet disconnection.

File Name: Single large file:  Small files ...
File Size: 13825 KB, others indicated below.
Installation: If you choose to download the, click on "Download Now" button below. When downloading is complete, unzip the file into a temporary folder.  Click on setup.exe which will guide you through the installation process.

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If you choose to download the ten individual files, when downloading is complete, you have two options:
  • To install from a directory, unzip each file into the same temporary folder. Click  setup.exe, which will guide you through the installation process.
  • To install from disks, unzip each of the ten files to its own newly formatted 1.44  mb disk.  Click setup.exe on the first disk, which will guide you through the installation process.

   Click on the disk you wish to download:

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December 17, 2002
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